Lesnar vs. Fedor?

Source: Fighters Only


Would you like to see Brock Lesnar against Fedor Emelianenko? Dana White wants to know.

“Is this the fight u guys want to see? Post a thread asking if people want to see this fight,” he asked users of  The Underground MMA forum earlier this week, and the response has been phenomenal. Site owner Kirik Jenness says that the thread dedicated to the topic was a record breaker, accumulating over 15,000 replies in under three days.

White has posted nothing beyond that one question, leading to debate as to whether it was a serious enquiry or a bit of fun on his part. But if it was the former, the intensity of interest from the fan base must make it seem like a viable option if it could be made to happen – it would clearly be a huge-selling pay-per-view.

Fighters Only made a few enquiries last night and it seems White’s question isn’t being entirely dismissed in Russia. Sources there indicate that while no formal approaches have been made, the idea is potentially of interest. 

Fedor announced his retirement in July and said that no “fantastic offers” could bring him back, but time alters perception and mood. It is entirely possible he could be tempted into one more mega-bout if Lesnar could be brought back into the UFC fold. All the signs are that Lesnar isn’t entirely happy with his current WWE tenure, so that isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

At present the whole thing has little substance but Lesnar’s unsettled state and the fact White’s query isn’t being dismissed out of hand in Russia means that the pieces are at least potentially in play. 

Negotiations between the two sides haven’t gone well in the past but with the UFC looking for big pay-per-views and the recent events in Fedor’s career, perhaps they could approach the debating table with fresh perspectives a second time around.

More news as we get it.

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