Fedor Emelianenko stars in the best MMA commercial of all time

This heart-tugging commercial for a Russian gym starring Fedor Emelianenko might make a tear or two drop from your eyes — and not just because you never got to see Emelianenko in the UFC.
This ad shows a young boy watching MMA with his beer-bellied dad asleep on the couch. The boy rummages through a closet to see his father’s old trophies and awards, presumably from his fighting career.
The camera then follows the boy around as he watches in adoration as Emelianenko runs, trains and works out. The boy is also shown doing odd jobs and getting paid. Near the end, the boy comes to his father and presents him a pamphlet. He made enough money doing chores to buy his pops a gym membership.
Father and son hit the gym to train with — who else? — Emelianenko himself.

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