Coach on Fedor’s conditioning: ‘He is training hard like he is young again’

Original story:

Renowned Russian coach Vladimir Voronov has high expectations for the long-awaited return of his legendary pupil Fedor Emelianenko.

After witnessing Fedor take part in several training camps in the Netherlands, Moscow, and his hometown of Stary Oskol, Voronov is convinced that the former Pride heavyweight champion made the correct decision to return to professional fighting.

“He clearly has had a long break but Fedor now has perfect conditioning,” Voronov said after
M-1 Challenge 63 in St. Petersburg. “He is training hard like he is young again. His hard work and experience will make for a very interesting fight.”

While Fedor’s opponent is yet to be publicly announced, the Russian heavyweight is already aware of his upcoming foe and has begun the final stages of his preparation. His coach, however, is not concerned with the person standing opposite Fedor on Dec. 31.

“It doesn’t matter who his opponent is. If Fedor is ready, he can beat anyone.”

Here is a video of a Sambo fight between Fedor and his coach:

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